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Fushimi Area Sightseeing Plan

ーTaste the historic streets of a long-established sake brewing company with all your sensesー

★Get off at Keihan Chushojima Station (about 20 minutes from Stay Inn KOTO)

1.Boarding a 30 stone boat. <三十石船

2.Take a stroll through the streets.

3.Sake tasting. <Fushimi Sake Brewery alley

4.Eat delicious food!


A restaurant serving "draft sake" directly from the store's warehouse and chicken dishes prepared by a long-established restaurant



The restaurant specializes in salads, but also serves delicious hamburgers and sautéed chicken.

★Return to Stay Inn KOTO from Keihan Fushimi Momoyama Station

Uji Area Sightseeing Plan

ーWorld Heritage Sites and Matcha Sweetsー

★Get off at JR Uji Station (about 30 minutes from Stay Inn KOTO)

1.Try the raw tea jellies. <NAKAMURA TOKICHI

2.See the actual design of the 10-yen coin.<BYODOIN

3.Eating tea soba noodles and three-color tea dumplings with a view of the Uji River <鮎宗

4.Calm your mind with the oldest existing shrine architecture. <宇治上神社

★Return to Stay Inn KOTO from Keihan Uji Station